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    Welcome to YongLianTai(YLT)?Packing?Bag?Co.,Ltd !

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    Address: Ailian Zhangbei Industry Longgang District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
    Tel: +86-755-85232478
    Fax: +86-755-28216609
    Email: Sales@yltpacking.com

     Cereals and Granola packing bags built for your brand 

    Banish the box you for a better cereal and granola packing bags 

     Cereals and Granola packing bags
        Goodbye Boxing: bags are the best way one of your grain and grain products to pack. stand-up pouches save space, optimize inventory and shipping to preserve coolness and provide ample opportunity to give your brand pr sentieren and ore choose your story. With such fierce competition, which w Re better not want to seek packing bags that works better too 

        Not all flexible packing bags is the same, of course r created. Cereals and cereal www.wenshanv.tw packing bags guarantees the h t logical qualities at a very reasonable price. We do all our bags for cereals and cereal made several barrier film layers which are laminated together, produced from Besch Endings of any kind, humidity, light, odor protection and other hazards. Other guys use a single layer, which is not enough easy to wear lifting and carrying of Shipping and shelves. 

    Special packing bags preserves the Crunch to 

        Our stand-up pouches more to protect your product. We give you the freedom and flexibility T design 

        And provide unique packing bags your product and your brand presented. W You choose the Gr e, style and features that meet your needs, if you pla t send your own creations or work with our graphic design team at a glance eye, what attracts your customers attention being. Purchase of 5,000 pieces up to 5 million, and in 4-6 weeks, you will be packaged cereals and cereal that stands out from the crowd. 
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    Ailian Zhangbei Industry Longgang District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
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