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    Welcome to YongLianTai(YLT)?Packing?Bag?Co.,Ltd !

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    Address: Ailian Zhangbei Industry Longgang District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
    Tel: +86-755-85232478
    Fax: +86-755-28216609
    Email: Sales@yltpacking.com

    Spout Pouch packing bags for your drinks nkemischungen 

        Provide large beak pouch package easier, it was never for your customers. Our spout bags k can Your water customers, juice and add alcohol to your brand mixes smoothly. Some of the products we have successfully packaged are: lemonade, iced tea, Bloody Mary mix, mix margarita, mojito mix, and just about anything you can imagine. More and more companies come to this as a liquid Verpackungsl Solutions depend, not left in the dust for. Investing in a packing bags pouch stand-up with us today, and show consumers your brand here to stay! 

    Spout Pouch packing bags are great , As chemical and liquid food packing bags 

        Whatever your needs, spout pouch packing bags can make the right pocket available on the market correctly your mixes. With the latest engineering technology, we have several laminated together Flüssigkeitsverpackungsl barrier film layers To provide solutions that stand against problems such as odors, moisture, UV light, Einstichl Dear and air. All these things k The quality Can your T greatly unfavorable product Chtigen. Therefore, it is necessary to go with a packing bags company stand-up bag which includes the importance of protecting your products against damage. In addition, our bags are a better alternative to glass container LTER because they can be easily recycled and therefore better for the environment. 

        Your drinks should nkemischungen adequately protected by packing the nose will pocket w Choose, but they must also win many customers para yours. Due to St The strength of our pouch packing bags stand-up spout stand on their own pockets. This means that if the client, they can find more bags on the shelves before another spout that are at the bottom. This is also the reason why you want to make sure your package, a unique fascinating look at her. Customers do not want products in the plane, thin beak to buy bags, because they have cheap air. 

    Spout Pouch packing bags looks good 

        As it is on the market today so important to have a package that properly represents your product, giving our custom printed bags shot. All our bags have a wide front and rear, so you stand a little on it. You are able to provide even your own creations for approval. Once approved, you will receive your order a minimum of 5,000 bags in 4-6 weeks. Most companies require that you order more than 5,000 at a time, but we believe you want to buy what you get. 

    We even carrying bags and erm You Glicht color and w e Gr Choose what you want. Our two custom bags and actions give you the M Possibility, many functions available. They include tear notches reindeer h nts L Cher, gas valves and spill There we discussed. Our motto: "If you can tr TREES k, k we can bag it " is particularly true in this case. You've worked hard to create your product and we k Can with a bag by meeting such efforts, he marketed effectively. 
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    Ailian Zhangbei Industry Longgang District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
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