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    Welcome to YongLianTai(YLT)?Packing?Bag?Co.,Ltd !

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    Address: Ailian Zhangbei Industry Longgang District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
    Tel: +86-755-85232478
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    Email: Sales@yltpacking.com

    Fruit Juice Spout Pouches 

         So why should you go with a bag of fruit we get up There are a variety of reasons, so grab some popcorn and relax, w As we enter into details. Our liquid bags are different from those of most fruit juice brands because many of them use glass bottles. Let's face it: Our environment needs our help. Citing a glass bottle when it will be replaced by a fruit juice stand-up pouches k Could, which is easier to recycle just not a good idea, respectful of the environment. We have the opportunity, in our Dep Reduce the isle, then let us work together to bring a new era. 

         On a part of this juice bag would less protected juice compared with glass bottles. This is not to be the case with the bags. We use several barrier film layer to keep the fresh juices and trouble free, odor, moisture, UV light and air. These layers of the film are actually the reason why our bags are able to stand on their own. Without layers, our packing bags is that competitors do not exceed. It is difficult to find this kind of strength in most Fruit Juice Spout Pouches. Luckily you have stumbled upon the right place. 

    Elegant fluid bag 

         Our Fruit Juice Spout Pouches goes beyond the typical bag of raw fruit juice. We give you Possibility M, personalized your own creations on the large front and rear of the Print pocket. Once your designs are submitted and approved, you will receive your order at least 5,000 custom bags in 4-6 weeks. If you want to go for your designs Fruit spout bag with our camp, which also works. You are able to our store, w You choose the bag you gen m, And then decided to look at the color and Gr e you want. The fit is not all, but we add the features you k Can, to really get your fluid bag your own. Our features are spread He (especially great for juice Are), h hang L Cher, Rei Notches, heavy ziplock and gas valves. If you are not willing to commit to order our bags, why not ask a free sample We have confidence in our product, we are ready to prove pouchesto send you one of our free liquid, we can not k. What do you expect The logical step n Is for you! 
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    Ailian Zhangbei Industry Longgang District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
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