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    Aseptic packaging bags equipment and the environment

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    Aseptic packaging bags equipment and the environment

    Aseptic packaging bags for food in the case of no added preservatives, according to the requirements of the food packaging, under aseptic condition, will take advantage after sterilization of food packaging machinery, load the sterilization or aseptic processing packaging container in advance, to carry on the seal, the food stored in airtight, without intrusion microbes, and even not pervious to light environment, long-term preservation at room temperature.So make sure packaging environment and aseptic packaging equipment is the premise of the packaging process.
    Aseptic packaging environment first to make sure that the aseptic packaging machinery.Packaging machinery in use need before sterilization, sterilization with hot alkaline cleaning, dilute hydrochloric acid neutralization, then wash with hot water.If packaging machinery downtime need not when, microbes can multiply, therefore need to packaging machinery, after cleaning the water or liquid residue drying, not for microbial survival conditions.Sterile state in order to ensure that the operating environment, chemistry, physics, sterilization can be used to prevent microbes from entering the operating environment, so need to be sterile room must be equipped with air filter device, ultraviolet radiation sterilization device, to periodically to ultraviolet light, to ensure that the sterile room clean and meet the prescribed standard.In the process of conveying, keep to take over the place, each valve, sealing and pressure of all equipments, ensure that air cannot enter.

    Aseptic packaging bags equipment and the environment

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