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    Opp concealed bag product introduction

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    Article Source: Shenzhen Xin Packaging Products Co., Ltd. Net prosperity Editor: SDW Author: SDW Popularity: 5 Published: 2017-03-11 10:23:00
    Opp self-styled bag is also called opp self-adhesive bag, opp adhesive pocket, sticker bag is usually used for the sale of goods outside the packaging, both play a protective role, but also play a role in beautification. Widely used in jewelry, jade, stationery, toys, tableware, kitchen utensils, clothing and other fields.
    Opp plastic bag printing effect is very good, it is suitable for processing into a beautiful product packaging, such as card head bags, clothing bags, bread bags and so on. The product is very transparent, is the most transparent type of plastic bag material, made out of the oppistive bag like a mirror. But the product is more brittle, toughness is not good enough, easy to tear, it is generally used in the form of adhesive paste, the product is relatively large or relatively heavy weight, the general plus explosion edge, to prevent cracking.

    When custom-made opponent bag, if you want to install the product is relatively heavy, it is best to use good stickers. Good sticky sticky than the ordinary stickers is better and durable, to prevent stickers because stickers, which led to product drop broke. Of course, you can also open the opponent in the opposing bag, directly open the opponent from the self-sealing bag, so there is no need to worry because stickers can not stick, which led to product drop broke.

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