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    Customized plastic bags to explain what problems?

    Author:yltpacking    Time:17/07/24    Click:
    Many first-time custom-made plastic bags of users, do not know how and plastic bags factory customer service exchange, in fact, ah this negotiation process is very simple. Packaging products for your simple and clear explanation of how to discuss custom plastic bags, brief about what plastic bags to explain what problems.
    1. Describe what you want to use for the use of plastic bags, inquiries, such as "bags use places + plastic bags."
    For example: I want to make a hospital plastic bag, medicine pharmacy with plastic bags. Under normal circumstances our customer service will immediately know that you have to do a pharmacy with a vest bag, will recommend the use of plastic bags of the common size, as well as the nature and white plastic bags have any advantage.
    2. Description You have to make the style of plastic bags, common styles are: vest bags, punching bags, handbags.
    3. For example, you say: I want to make a clothing store package with plastic bags, plastic bag factory customer service will give you to do punching bags or clothing bag, if you do not understand what style, you can let customer service to you Punching bag picture or plastic bag picture.
    4. Description plastic bag custom size. The same hospital pharmacy plastic bags, there are large and small differences, the same is the plastic bags and plastic bags or plastic bags leather bags. If you have the size of the hands of the plastic bag, according to the plastic bag factory customer service tips under the measurement. If it is the first custom plastic bags, to the same industry shop to a plastic bag gestures look to see how the size, and then can not find the customer service to send you a sample.
    5. Provide logo and other text, a lot of time logo determines the printing process, the printing process determines the price.
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